DIY Acrylic Nails

nailst14So yesterday I bought a ton of stuff to do my own acrylic nails. Does anyone else do their nails themselves?


My daughter does hers but I watch her struggle when it comes to doing her right hand. Are you doing just the tips?

I used to do my own too, but my right hand always looked like shit because I am definitely NOT left handed

Yep that’s what Gee says too!

She gets a free day at school where they’re allowed to have someone to a procedure on them. I was trying to talk her into a Brazilian Wax. Oh Lord can you imagine!

She usually gets her nails done there. It’s so difficult to do them yourself. Sweetie if you do them, I’d love to see them when you’re finished. Then I’ll drop by and maybe you could do mine?

yeah just the tips with the like acrylic powder I am scared. I am going to force my husband to help me with my right hand!! Its going to start out with a simple hunnie can you come hold this in place. don’t you love my evil plot to get my husband to do my nails.

Mine used to get lured into doing my hair colour, perms, nails, etc. He was so happy when my daughters got older and he got off the hook. You got get him Hon

I’ve never used acrylics myself, good luck though!

I tried awhile ago.

Like years ago. And I could never get the hang of it. Now I barely paint my nails.

Same here!

Well I don’t really have any nails TO paint. I’d do acrylics now, but the smell is so overwhelming and toxic, I don’t want my little one anywhere near it. Is it weird that I LIKE the smell? that and gasoline, I LOVE pumping gas!

I’m with you on the gas smell Mama but the acrylic smell makes me sick. Just make sure when you do it Hon you do it in a well ventilated area. My hubby runs for the hills when we break out the acrylic…it’s a riot! Now we KNOW how to get rid of him.

Thats too funny and ahhh the smell of gas. hubby and i both like it.that too funny