About eyebrows and threading

threadingSo I read a post that got my interest; it was about women who have to draw on their eyebrows. I have to do this – not completely draw them “on”, but more like darken them and fill them in a little. My brows are so much lighter than my hair, and you can barely see them. So I’m thinking first about letting them grow out and having them professionally shaped by a beauty therapist, as I’ve never tried that before.

I’ve recently heard about “threading” (as opposed to having them waxed) and I think that might be nice to try. But here’s my question; my brows will still be entirely too light coloured, do beauty salons dye eyebrows or anything like that? That would be ideal, as opposed to having to fill them in daily. Any other tips or suggestions?


Yes there are beauty therapy salons that tint eyebrows

I have never got it done so I am not sure the price and how it looks. Maybe someone here had them tinted before and can tell you. I was tempted to dye my own eyebrows the other night when I was colouring my hair at home. My hair is Ruby red but my brows are dark brown. But I chickened out cause I didn’t want to have red dye stain my brow area and look funny. LOL Plus.. what if I change my hair colour. then I would be stuck with red brows. I have also gotten threading done and love it! My eyebrows are pretty dark but I still have to fill them in a bit to get the look I want. It would be interesting to see if anyone had dyed their own eyebrows. And how it came out.

You can dye your own eyebrows at home, I do mine all the time.

I use the cheap hair-dye Revlon Colorsilk. I put Vaseline on the skin around my brows so it doesn’t stain. I then mix the dye as usual, and I squeeze it out on a paper plate, and apply it with my eyebrow brush. You don’t want it to be dripping though, just make sure the hairs are covered. It’s really easy.

Great! I may try it next time I retouch my roots. How long should I leave it on to make sure the color takes?

You should leave it on for at least 20 minutes. And then just wipe off the dye with a paper towel or wash cloth.

I use hair dye too on my eyebrows have for years! It works great.

I have lightened my brows with hair bleach like for facial hair. I would recommend doing a small amount of time like 5-10 minutes the first time so you aren’t shocked with the results you can always do it longer next time.

I have never heard of the threading. What in detail is this and does it hurt?

This is what I use.

It’s called “shaping taupe” brow shaper by Clinique. I love it because it’s a powder and fills them in without making them look drawn or painted on! My salon does the eyebrow tinting. But I’ve never done it.

Does it stay on well?

I might give that a try also; surely it would look more natural than using a pencil, like you said.

I just recently heard about it; and I’ve heard different opinions on how much it hurts, etc. I had to look it up on Youtube to see what it was, but I’m still not really clear on the details of it. But it sure doesn’t look as painful as waxing!