Gelled Nails

Gentle care of nails in a beauty salonI’ve been having a hard time growing my nails so I was thinking of getting gelled nails but not sure if there better than Acrylic nails I’ve had acrylics done before and they have ruined my nails so I was thinking of getting gelled nails but don’t know much about them.

I am hoping to get opinions from someone that might know and where I should go to get them done like what type of salon.

I am really confused as to what you mean by “gelled” nails.. There are gel nails, which are pretty much acrylic only put on in gel form. It’s what people use who are allergic to acrylic, or who feel like paying more for something that is weaker than acrylic. Gel nails are no better for your nails than acrylic and it all depends on the nail technician and how under trained they are. There are gel polish for your nails which don’t add any strength to the actual nail and depending on the brand can do the same amount of damage as acrylics. I’m a nail technician, if you need more clarification or have another question please ask!

Sorry I mean gel my phone spelled it as gelled. Is gel less harmful to the nails then the acrylic nails is what I am asking.

No they aren’t. It takes the same prep steps as acrylic nails.