Hi Everyone

Had a few minutes this morning and wanted to check up on everyone. How is everyone’s week going? Ours has been a little busy. We’re reconstructing our website and adding some of the newer colours, phasing out the oldies. It’ll also be much easier for you to order your samples right through the site too! I do want to warn you though, if you’re using the Firefox or Safari browsers, the website won’t look right. Internet Explorer is the best way to view the site.

As far as everything else goes, all is quiet on the home front. We’re getting ready for the beauty therapy training, I’m trying to figure out WHAT to do with my mop (hair), and trying to figure out what we need for stuff to keep at my house for when Sarah, David, and the baby come for a visit. I haven’t done in this in 10 years and I’m a little rusty. I cannot BELIEVE how many new things are out for babies. Good Lord, I feel like a dinosaur.

You Girls take care and have a wonderful day with the kids. Two more days until the official start of summer vacation and Beauty Training time here.


I have been busy as well. Going get a root canal today. Yes, so many cute little things for babies. I love it! You have a great week and take it easy.

You are not lying when it comes to beauty therapy so much stuff out there that just makes you wanna shake your head. Some of it I think is not even worth buying but hey I’m just one of those mothers who don’t get buy ( or did buy) everything out there to make it easier. I feel if my mother/ grandmother could raise more then 2 children without all that CRAB then so can I, but that’s just me. Other then that I’m just sitting here enjoying the new house and waiting patiently for june 3rd so I don’t have to take kids back and forth to school any more.

I know the beauty therapy is going to be just adorable! Oh, I bet you just can’t wait to meet the little princess. The dinosaur part made me giggle. If you’re a dinosaur, you’re certainly a hot momasaurus rex. Haha!

Right now my girls are going through swimming lessons. Just a crash course for a week each with a private instructor. It’s about time for it. So far, Veronica’s have been okay. She cried through 2/3 of the lesson on Monday. Yesterday she did tons better, she was kicking her legs and everything! Almost no crying at all. Hopefully today’s improves even more.
Other than that, same old, same old!

She is going to LOVE swimming once she gets used to the idea. I have yet to meet a child who didn’t love the water. I’m with you on all of the baby stuff. When the kids were little, we could only afford the basics (and I mean BARE BONES BASICS). We did just fine. :-) The way I see it, as long as Chloe has a big family who love her dearly, she’s way ahead of the game. As Gram though, I get to spoil her all I want and Mama can’t say a single word.